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National Accounts Customer Service Representative, Fresno, California

By all accounts, it was a typical late summer morning when the car accident occurred. A family on a weekend outing was devastated when both parents and one of their daughters were tragically killed in the crash. A second daughter was seriously injured. The grandparents, caring for the third child, suddenly found themselves the guardians of the two orphaned children—a one-year-old and a four-year-old in critical condition.

Aetna employee Michelle Corn received an urgent request from one of the customers she supports. The family had Aetna health insurance benefits through the father's employer.

Corn understood the customer's distress even before she finished reading the message. "They became my first and only priority until I knew they were taken care of," she said.

Corn immediately obtained a case manager to assist with the complex needs of the four-year-old child, and she coordinated continuation of the children's health coverage. She acted as a direct contact to the family to ensure they could talk with someone who knew the details of their situation. And, she continues to check on the status of the children's medical coverage.

Corn's proactive coordination and anticipation of the family's needs helped ensure the family had peace of mind knowing that they wouldn't have problems with their health insurance.

"I love my job," Corn says. "I love coming to work every day. It's more of a privilege than a job."    [Click here to read the transcript of this employee's story]

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