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Case Management Nurse Consultant, Cranbury, New Jersey

Retirees have many concerns about managing their health. What medications should they take? Are there community resources that can help? What questions should they ask their doctors? As a nurse case manager, Chris Foster, RN, CCM, understands these concerns and knows how to make these connections to best help Aetna's retiree members.

One such member is an 87-year-old man with diabetes who broke his ankle and was unable to walk independently. The member also is considered legally blind. The man's nephew had been living with him but had recently passed away. As a result, the man faced possible confinement in a long-term care facility if he could not care for himself. He contacted Aetna for help and was connected with Foster.

Learning that the member wanted to live independently, Foster helped get the member a talking wristwatch, a blood pressure monitor and a talking glucometer. She spent time with the member to help educate him on how to use these tools. She helped coordinate delivery of Meals on Wheels. And, Foster acquired personal assistance through the member's community services for the elderly. Three days a week, the community services representative helps the member go through his mail, reply to correspondence and pay his bills. Foster stayed in close contact with the member to ensure he was doing well.

With Foster's help, the member's diabetes is now under control; and he is able to live independently, just the way he wanted.    [Click here to read the transcript of this employee's story]

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