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Disability Maintenance Analyst, Teleworker, Billerica, Massachusetts

Some of the most frightening times of our lives come when we least expect them. Heather McMahon was having an average day that turned into a day she will never forget.

McMahon is a teleworker in Massachusetts whose customer is located in the Southwest. She received a routine phone call from a member who wanted to be sure we had received her paperwork. Suddenly, the member told McMahon she wasn't feeling well. McMahon knew that the woman suffered from seizures and asked her if she was okay. The customer said she was going to press an emergency help button and made some strange noises then the line went dead. McMahon tried to call back the member, but couldn't get through.

Remaining calm, McMahon placed a call to the member's nurse case manager and explained the situation. While on the call with the nurse, McMahon placed a call from her personal cell phone to the member's local police department to dispatch an ambulance to check on the member.

"I worried about her all day," she says. Her husband wasn't at home. I tried calling her back throughout the day, but couldn't get through."

The next day, McMahon received a call from the member to thank her for caring enough to call for help.

"She said she was so grateful, and she had never known an insurance company that cared so much about her," McMahon says. "I was just thankful she was okay."
[Click here to read the transcript of this employee's story]

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