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Underwriting Manager, Hartford, Connecticut

You are an American living in Afghanistan and have to wait three hours to use the phone for 10 minutes to call your health insurer? Life as an expatriate can be difficult. Language barriers, new customs, different measurement systems these are all realities that expatriates must deal with on a daily basis. When it comes to your health, or your family's health, you want to make sure you understand clearly the diagnosis and treatment. It is just this experience that Denis Guay was trying to capture to help better understand what life is like living in a foreign country.

As part of the Aetna Global Benefits team, Guay researched expatriate issues from both the employer's and member's perspective. Then he and a larger team started developing tools, including an internal website and training courses, to help educate Aetna employees on the expatriate experience.

His work has helped Aetna demonstrate the value that the Aetna Global Benefits team can bring to customers with employees abroad. And it's part of the reason that we are growing this business.   [Click here to read the transcript of this employee's story]

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