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Inherent in doing the right thing is understanding customers' needs and finding solutions to satisfy those needs. Listening to market feedback on the year-old NYC Community PlanSM, Aetna heard that for some small group employers, the plans were more expensive than they could afford. Yet, these employers wanted to offer health coverage to their employees. As a result of listening to our customers, Aetna created two new plan designs that are more affordable. Small group employers in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx began taking advantage of these more affordable plans late in 2008.

The NYC Community PlanSM also helps address cultural disparities in health care by using local physicians who are familiar with diverse communities. The plan is supported by members of Aetna sales and service teams who live and work in these communities; and who are familiar with the health care needs, preferences, and the overall environment in New York City communities. These Aetna employees speak multiple languages, making it easier to interact with customers from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

At Aetna, we are dedicated to ensuring that we offer affordable, quality health care to all Americans. It's the right thing to do.

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