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As one of our core values, employee engagement is important at Aetna. We believe that engaged employees are motivated to make the right decisions for customers and our business. Engaged employees are inspired by their coworkers and management, and the challenging roles in which they act. At the same time, engaged employees are inspiring to their coworkers and management; and with their accomplishments, contributing to the overall success of the company. These attributes are critical to innovation and competing effectively in a dynamic market. We also know that lasting engagement requires a delicate balance of cultural consistency and evolution.

Our annual employee engagement survey tracks drivers of engagement factors such as pride in the company, individual growth opportunities, the significance of what employees do and overall satisfaction with Aetna as an employer. In 2008, 91 percent of employees participated in the survey, and almost all of them believe that Aetna is making a difference:

  • 88 percent of employees understand their own job responsibilities;
  • 86 percent understand how they contribute to Aetna's strategic goals; and,
  • 85 percent feel that Aetna provides information and resources to help members make better decisions about their health and well-being.
Through the survey, our employees are sending a clear message that they feel proud to work at Aetna, and it shows in the successful year we had in 2008. We face the challenges of a weakened economy with a clear plan for maintaining a highly engaged workforce. Our core values show the way, while our workforce strategy includes opportunities for our employees to grow and succeed with us.

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