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Aetna is committed to being part of the solution to our nation's significant health care issues by increasing the affordability of, and access to, health care. Throughout 2008, Aetna worked at many levels to help shape the national discussion by offering policy proposals as well as the benefit of our experience in serving nearly 18 million medical members. Our participation included thousands of employees who were active in grassroots and educational programs as part of the Aetna Citizens Action Network, and our senior executives who met regularly with federal and state officials to provide our views on how to build a better health care system.

At Aetna, we believe that meaningful health care reform is focused on getting more people covered. While more than 250 million people have private or government-sponsored health insurance, we recognize the imperative of finding ways to cover the 45 million people who are uninsured. Getting people covered ensures that people have access to care when they need it, improves health outcomes and reduces costs. The current economic crisis provides important context in considering health care reform, and highlights the importance of a public/private partnership that strengthens the competitive marketplace and fuels innovation.

In 2009, we will continue our leadership in finding ways to achieve meaningful health care reform. Aetna remains steadfast in our commitment to help achieve access to quality, affordable health insurance for all Americans.

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